Green School

Bongoyo Primary School

Green School

In the view of reaching the youth at an early stage, Africraft NGO aims at sensitizing and creating awareness on the management of waste for school children. The project is called Green school and it is focusing specifically on the children and youth who are the future generation advocating the problem of deforestation and increased wastes.

The children are sensitized and trained on tree planting and cultivation in their own school environment. They are also trained and provided education on proper waste management in order to keep the environment clean and safe not only at their school but also at their home place.

What are we addressing?

  • Many student have partial or do have little knowledge on waste management at their school or at home
  • Most student have no practical knowledge on planting and cultivating trees
  • Many school locations and compounds do not have an inspiring space for creative activities like craft center, resting space
  • Most schools do not have a play-ground
Bongoyo Primary School

Plastic Bottle House

Creative Space


  • Educating school children on waste management
  • Planting trees such as Moringa seedlings
  • Building and equipping a class room as creativity unit made out of recycled plastic bottles
  • Setting up a play-ground made out of recycled tires
  • Painting the outside walls of the school compound with educational graphics on a healthy living

Support Green School

AfriCraft Social Projects activities can only be carried out in the future without your support and donations. As a nonprofit organization (NGO), we have committed ourselves to using all funds and donations only for the realization of our statutory goals. We do not strive to maximize profits, but rather to maximize community engagement and youth empowerment, environmental protection and nature conservation, especially for sustainable development
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