Welcome to AfriCraft! We are a fair-trade organisation on a mission to promote income generation for poor communities through recycling and artisanry. AfriCraft started in 2004 with the vision of empowering youth groups in developing skills to transform livelihoods, support a sustainable future and circular economy by turning trash into treasure. Our story began in a home-based workshop with two employees but today, it stretches across Tanzania where we work with over 200 artisans to bring value to the trash and turn them into treasure. Explore our diverse range and meet our producers who design with the most care to serve communities and save the environment.


Artisans Empowered

AfriCraft is a fair-trade company and social enterprise focused on recycled and natural handcrafts. We are based mainly in Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam where we train, build the capacity of youth and create awareness on environmental issues. Based on fair trade principles, we are telling the stories of Tanzanian communities and nature reserves by bringing creative and unique designed local products to a global market. By buying our products, you will be supporting a fairer, greener and more sustainable world!

Our Vision – is a society where the youth care positively about their environment and where perspectives for the future are provided through motivated capacity building in the circular economy for sustainable self-reliant living.

Our Mission – is to develop and implement economically viable and replicable best practice cases by scaling deep production and income generation from recycling. Through capacity building for the youth based on our 4R & 4C, an improved living standard shall be achieved.

TRADE NOT AID: We often work with women groups and disabled communities to provide them with opportunities for income, independence and empowerment as a means to achieve a better life.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: We have a range of products from office wear to kitchenware that is produced using 100% recycled material. Through our social projects in Coco Beach, we up-cycle trash collected in the ocean and turn them into useful handicrafts and everyday items. At AfriCraft, we call this trash-treasure.

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: In Tanzania, we are blessed with an abundant youth population. We agree that young people are the future and this is why we focus greatly on developing passions and skills in order to enable young people to access an income through sustainable activities. In order to achieve this, we empower vulnerable youth by training them in creating crafts from upcycled items.

The circular economy at AfriCraft aims at creating public awareness on minimizing waste, providing value to waste and keeping it in use as long as possible by upcycling trash and giving it a second life. The transformation of trash – be it from human beings or from nature – and hereby the creation of business opportunities, employment and income we call shortly: Trash to Crafts. Our regenerative approach is in contrast to the traditional linear economy, which has a ‘take, make, dispose of’ mode of production.


Ms. Sofia Nhonoli


Mr. Fared Hussein

General Manager

Mr. Leornad Mtamya

Production Manager

Ms. Saida Mtwenge


Mr. Hindo Yussuf

Food And Cosmetics Manager

Our Certificates


We have been awarded the globally recognized seal of the World Fair Trade Organization as AfriCraft because we as a whole organization are 100% committed to the criteria of fair trade. WFTO is the world’s most important umbrella organization of actors who are fully committed to fair trade.

Ethical Style

AfriCraft received the “ethical style” award from the world’s largest trade fair for consumer goods “Ambiente” in Frankfurt / Main in 2019. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. More and more consumers are making sure that products are recyclable and that they meet social and ethical requirements.

Zero Waste

At the largest national fair trade fair in Germany “Fair Trade” AfriCraft received the award “Zero Waste” in 2019. With this award, AfriCraft fulfils the criteria that are necessary to conserve resources and avoid food waste.

Handcraft From Africa

Handmade Crafts from Africa is our in-house branding. We introduced this certificate 30 years ago with our predecessor company AFRICA Art of the people before we were later fair-trade certified by the Weltladen umbrella organization.

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