DHOW – cell phone holder


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Our DHOW mobile phone holders are made from the wood of old fishing boats. The word Dhow (Dauh) is Swahili and means boat or ship. These ships and boats were formerly traditional means of transport between East Africa and the Orient. AfriCraft buys the boats from the fishermen at a fair price, which gives the fishermen the opportunity to build new boats. The wood of the boats comes from mango trees, which are known for their rapid regrowth and strength.

Our cell phone holders with rough charm and patina offer a narrow and a wide recess, so that cell phones with a hard case can stand securely and easily read.

These products are natural and handmade and therefore unique. The appearance and nature of the article can therefore vary somewhat.

DHOW - Mobile phone holder
Texture: wood
Size: L x W x D = 10 x 9 x 3 cm
Color: reddish brown to dark brown
Packing unit: set of 4
item number: 12800
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