Mama Lishe Program

Basic menstrual hygiene is a crucial part of a woman’s well-being and dignity, which every woman should have the right to have access to. However, there is the worst challenge of managing menstrual hygiene facing women from low-income families in Tanzania. This is due to the lack of access and the high cost of these sanitary towels. As a result of this, many women fail to carry out their daily activities in hygienic conditions and thus endanger their health and well as others

Mama Lishe program Goals

The project aims to provide a sustainable solution to tackle menstrual hygiene, and general cleanness issues, in order to enable women to persist with their daily economic activities especially Mama Lishe activity in Dar es salaam city. AfriCraft NGO together with Emina company supported by partners, provide education to all Mama Lishe, Bus drivers, Bus conductors and Fish sellers. Additionally, we donate all necessary equipment for cleanness to Mama Lishe such as Reusable sanitary pads for menstrual hygiene, hand wash units, aprons, hand wash soap liquid, sanitisers.

Reusable Sanitary Pads Certification

We aim to provide a sustainable solution on the counter issues of menstrual hygiene and empowerment
women to perform their reproductive activities in hygienic and safe conditions. These reusable pads
are made in a safe way that is friendly for the environment because they do not filter colours and treasures
chemicals. These sanitary pads are safe for the body human (female) and the environment in general. These re-usable sanitary pads have been approved by Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority (TMDA) and fair trade certification is obtained by World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

Support Mama Lishe Project

AfriCraft Social Projects activities can only be carried out in the future without your support and donations. As a nonprofit organization (NGO), we have committed ourselves to use all funds and donations only for the realization of our statutory goals. We do not strive to maximize profits, but rather to maximize community engagement and youth empowerment, environmental protection and nature conservation, especially for sustainable development
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