Giving children a wheel to learn!

For many years now mostly in rural areas, it has become a big problem due to students are struggling to attend school since they have to walk long distances towards and from school. The latter results in a lack of energy, early pregnancy and lack of concentration which in turn, averts them from attending classes at all and they are forced to abandon school from a very young age.

AfriCraft has prepared a project named AfriBike aiming to support and empower students of rural areas by providing them with bicycles to ensure a safe and accessible route to school. 

The AfriBike Project aspires/intends to alleviate this struggle, Lift the barrier of distance by mobilizing these children in need of their quest for a better future via the provision of a safe, fun and quick way of transportation, a bicycle. If children become more attentive to school, more focused, and produce better results then, awareness will arise. It will introduce the youngsters to greater possibilities, knowledge or expertise to develop ways for environmental conservation. 

Why AfriBike Project?

– School children in rural areas living far away from their school have to walk 10 km and more in
  order to attend classes, thus quitting school due to the long distance to their school
– Schoolgirls are repeatedly endangered or put at risk of sex abuse. In several cases, school girls face early pregnancy.

Target group:
School children in rural areas walking long distances to their school

– Procuring second-hand bicycles in the local market
– Refurbishing the bicycles and branding them with ‘Giving children a wheel to learn’
– Providing the bicycles to the village government to hand over to the school children
– Setting up a bike repair unit at village level
– Creating awareness on the project to village leaders, parents and teachers
– Documenting the project activities in the social media
– Promoting the BINTI project to partners interested in supporting the project

Support AfriBike Project

AfriCraft Social Projects activities can only be carried out in the future without your support and donations. As a nonprofit organization (NGO), we have committed ourselves to use all funds and donations only for the realization of our statutory goals. We do not strive to maximize profits, but rather to maximize community engagement and youth empowerment, environmental protection and nature conservation, especially for sustainable development.


Support AfriBike Project

Giving children a wheel to learn!

For further information please write to us via email at or the address below.

AfriCraft NGO
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